Describe On Your Mark’s experience

On Your Mark is staffed with experienced CPA’s and engineers specialized in the field of utility studies. On Your Mark is one of the oldest professional services in the US, obtaining exemptions since 1975.  On Your Mark has obtained exemptions for 3160 manufacturers and restaurants over the past 35 years.  On Your Mark has been very successful in representing its manufacturing clients  in the appeal process in order to defend the client’s qualification for exemption.

In the past 35 years, On Your Mark has had 85 applications denied, for which a protest was filed in every case. Eighty-four of these denied exemptions were subsequently overturned, and approved through the appeal process.

Our strengths lie in being very familiar and experienced with tax regulations, court cases, appeal procedures, and engineering methods to maximize savings. We have developed good working relationships with the Dept. of Revenue personnel in most states.